Esoteric P-05X SACD/CD Transport


$ 8,499.95

The World's Finest Drive Mechanism: VRDS-NEO VMK-5
Esoteric's proprietary VRDS-NEO VMK-5 improves the accuracy of data acquisition by using a high-precision turntable that corrects disc-surface shake during disc rotation. This hybrid turntable is made from high-precision aluminum and polycarbonate material, helping to minimize rotational inertia. A hybrid structure, combining high rigidity BMC (Bulk Molding Compound) and steel, comprises the turntable bridge and significantly attenuates rotational vibration. The spindle motor improves the accuracy of reading signals through advanced servo control using motor speed feedback loop circuit. More proprietary technology – the differential gear system – is employed for mechanical operations from tray opening and closing to disc clamping.

Super-High-Speed ES-LINK4 Digital Interface
ES-LINK4 is Esoteric's proprietary, super high speed, wide-range, extremely pure LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) digital interface. Here, most digital processing occurs at the transport side with the three elements of the audio signal (audio data, LR clock, and bit clock signals) separately transferred to the DAC in a differential mode by utilizing the multi-conductor structure of the HDMI cable. Since the signal is already pre-processed at the transport side and transferred without bi-phase modulation, no digital decoding/oversampling process is required on the signal receiver side. The DAC is simply dedicated to D to A processing and retrieves a purer analog signal from transferred digital streams.

Axial Sliding Pick-Up Prevents Optical Axis Tilting
The same axial sliding pick-up assembly used in Esoteric's flagship Grandioso P1 can be found in the heart of P-05X's data acquisition section. As the lens moves, the laser optical axis is always positioned in a vertical direction, ensuring a highly accurate reading of the recorded material.

Robust Chassis Furthers Commitment to Precision
P-05X's exterior case is comprised of thick aluminum panels, while its steel bottom plate is supported at three points on Esoteric's exclusive pinpoint feet. Vibration transmission is effectively minimized by the high-precision laser slot processing used in its rigid base.

Multiple Digital Outputs
P-05X has a pair of ES-LINK4 HDMI ports, dual XLR connectors that maintain compatibility with earlier versions of ES-LINK, and a coaxial digital output.

High-Quality Remote Control
P-05X's RC-1301 remote is constructed from a solid aluminum top panel. The brushed finish matches that of the unit's front panel and offers a luxurious feel.

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