Sparkler-Audio S507T Minimal Size CD Player (DAC included)

Sparkler Audio

$ 1,399.95

Inheriting the sound quality of the model S303A "notebook CD Player", this new model also has a non-oversampling D/A converter built in at a minimal size, and is finished as an integrated CD player.   By adopting superior current-mode signaling in exchanging audio signals, dramatic progress is made from the conventional audio system to significantly improve the purity of the sound quality. 
  • S507t CD transport without DAC
  • S507u (unified voltage/current mode): Line Output: RCA
  • DAC: Philips TDA1543 16 bit non-oversampling DAC
  • Digital Outputs: S/PDIF (coaxial), I2S, USB 'A' type connector
  • Mechanism: Top loading mechanism

CD Drive Unit:

  • Size W150×H45×D245mm
  • Weight 1.2kg

Power Supply Unit:

  • Size W100×H45×D200mm
  • Weight 1.0kg
  • Authorized Authentic product directly from Sparkler

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