ALDEBARAN A-200 Hi-Res Earphones


$ 69.95

Developed by Japan's MS Solutions, the ALDEBARAN A-200 is an Aluminum earphone with dual driver of 9mm diameter and 6mm diameter to cover the bass and treble.  This setup is how the name Aldebaran comes about - to express the wide range of sound frequency embedded within the Aluminum housing.  With the reproduction frequency range of 5Hz to 70Khz, impedance of 16Ω ± 15%, and sound level of 103 ± 3dB / mW, the Aldebaran A-200 is an optimal entry model to users who are interested in hi-res sound source.

The ALDEBARAN comes equipped with a remote microphone for iPhone 6/6s.

Body material: Aluminum
Accessories: Earpiece (S size / L size), instruction manual
Cord length: About 1.2m
Plug: φ3.5mm gold-plated stereo mini plug (I type)
Driver: φ9 + φ6mm (dual driver)
Mass: About 9.0g (excluding code)
Impedance: 16Ω ± 15%
Maximum input: 10mW
Frequency Range: 5 ~ 70,000Hz


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