Audio-Technica ATH-BT07 Bluetooth Earphones


$ 129.99

The ATH-BT07 Bluetooth earphones by Audio-Technica deliver superb wireless audio to the most active audiophiles. Music playback, and calls are easy to control from the remote built into the earpiece. Multiple device pairing allows you to switch between compatible audio sources with ease. The ATH-BT07 is also waterproof, able to withstand sweat and sudden inclimate weather - You can even wash them. Enjoy high-quality playback with a large 13.5mm driver, and bass duct technology.


  • Driver: 13.5mm
  • Playback frequency: 20 ~ 22,000Hz
  • Communication system: Bluetooth standard Ver.2.1 + EDR compliant
  • Output: Bluetooth standard Power Class2

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