Shindo Bearing with Turntable and Platter Mat

Shindo Labs

$ 3,899.95

Because the shaft of the Shindo Turntable is not always the same size, the Shindo bearing needs to always be adjusted in accordance to the shaft of the turntable.  As such the Shindo Bearing, Turntable, and Platter Mat are sold as a set only.

  • Genuine brand new from Shindo Labs
  • Bearing: stainless steel made with well-balanced thickness and length that boasts a cutting accuracy of 1/1000 for stable rotation and semi-permanent durability
  • Turntable: The turntable made of the prized Shindo Garrard 301 Player system by cutting high quality Aluminum with a diameter of 320φ and weight of 3.8kg for table rotation and natural sound.
  • Platter Mat: A turntable sheet of 800g made with special material.  The sound quality is better than conventional rubber turntable sheet.

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