The Solar Ornithopter Model Kaku

Kokusai DSP

$ 149.95

"Ornithopter" is an Air-plane to fly by flapping its wings like birds or insects.

The original design of which might belong with Leonard da Vinci around in 1490.Since then, there was challenged by many people and times to fly one by flapping, but no success and even now, it already passed 500 years, still it did not put to practical use of the same getting on a human being. 

Beside, it frequently appear on Animation world many bicycles fried by flapping.Even there is a bi development of Jet Air-planes daily playing in the sky, people may be in their heart to fly sky like birds.

Ornithopters might be a Air-plane in a dream of Da Vinci and Romance of human beings.

The model ‘kaku’ which flaps the wings just like a bird, based around square forms having sharp edges.  With the intention to let people feel motions generated therefrom more impressively, the products are finished in an inorganic and simple design where many metallic parts are used.
  • Size: W160 × D50 × H150 mm
  • Material: Stainless steel, Brass, Polycarbonate

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