Luxman ES-35 Loopless Power Strip


$ 559.95

The new Luxman ES-35 is the top of the line power strip for all hi-fi enthusiast. Constructed with high quality materials such as a non-magnetic base plating, a "Rupuresu" chassis structure that does not affect ground loop, and a supply cable of high purity oxygen-free copper (OFC) line. All together making it a rigid AC outlet with four power outputs.

  • Rated voltage: 125V (up to 4-neck total 1500W)
  • Rated current: 15A (up to 4-neck total 1500W)
  • AC outlet: High rigidity 3P type x4-neck
  • AC inlet: A non-magnetic base plating with gold plating process
  • Internal wiring: High purity oxygen-free copper (OFC) line 3.5mm 2
  • Leg: 4-leg and machined aluminum
  • Corresponding power: AC100V (50 / 60Hz)


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