Panasonic Lamdash ES-LV96 Men's Shaver


$ 349.95

The Panasonic Lamdash ES-LV96 Men's Shaver offers a smooth, skin friendly shave with the world's fastest consumer linear motor drive. Advanced shaving technology senses the density of the beard, adjusting the power automatically and minimizing the friction against the skin. The multi-fit five blade arc system curves to the shape of the face.

A comb shaped tip allow the Lamdash to trim long beard hairs that curl and grow in multiple directions. Dual finishing blades cut 41 microns from the surface of the skin, leaving you with a clean shave. The Multi-function display 10 stage charger cleans, disinfects and dries the blade when not in use.

  • Outer blade: Stainless steel cutlery five blade
  • Inner blade: 30 ° acute angle Nanoejji inner blade
  • Head: Adhesion trace head fixed / mobile switching
  • Linear motor drive: (about 14,000 strokes / min)
  • Cleaning: Fully automatic washing charger, waves * 3 cleaning mode
  • Voltage: AC100 ~ 240V (with automatic voltage switching)
  • Power supply: Charging and alternating current rapid 1 hour charge
  • Display: Multi-function display (10 stage charge level indicator)

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