Sparkler Audio S301B “diva” Full Range Loudspeakers

Sparkler Audio

$ 1,299.95

Full-range system. High resolution, wide range, lucid and high speed sound with original designed bass-reflex duct. Handmade natural tone wood enclosure construction and finish by veteran craftsman.
  • Unit: 10cm full-range for bass-reflex (alminum diaphragm)
  • Impedance: 7.2Ω typ
  • Max. Input: 22W
  • Sensitibity: 85.8dB/W(1m)
  • Enclosure: bass-reflex
  • Material: pine laminated wood (18mm thickness)
  • Dimension: W180×H250×D250mm (5.8 litre)
  • Weight: 3.2kg × 2
  • Finish: Urethane resin

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