Sparkler Audio S502 "ether" Integrated Amplifier

Sparkler Audio

$ 1,299.95


Sparkler Audio’s “tour de force” amplifier with the smoothest and the most natural sound. Design of S502 was a painstaking fight against many elements that cause the degradation of the music signal quality on the miniscule levels to reproduce the natural depth and spread stress-free, “elegant” and “refined” sound. S502 utilizes long life, high reliability reed switches with vacuum sealed ruthenium contacts that result in the smallest possible degradation of the sound quality.

  • S502v (voltage-mode): Inputs: 3 x Line
  • S502i (current-mode): Inputs: 1 x Line, 2 x Line for current-mode
  • Output Power: 2 x 7 watt (8Ω)
  • Size: W300xH46xD100mm
  • Weight: 2.0kg
  • Power Supply: AC100V (50Hz/60Hz): comes with an appropriate step-down transformer to adjust to local voltage of 220V~240V(50Hz) or 115V~120V(60Hz)

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