Sparkler Audio S504 "unison" DAC

Sparkler Audio

$ 549.95

Compact sized non-oversampling High End D/A converter. The output stage amplifies the current from the DAC chip by push-pull current mirror with direct analog output. This novel approach results in a very musical sound quality. There are 4 variations for each interface, COAXIAL (S/PDIF), USB (PC), OPTICAL (TOSLINK) and I2S. In addition to the current-mode output, you can connect directly with the conventional voltage-mode amplifier with this single model thanks to unified electronics topology employed in S504u.

  • S504uc coaxial (S/PDIF) input
  • S504uu USB type B input
  • S504ut optical (TOSLINK) input
  • S504ui I2S input
  • Line Output: RCA
  • DAC: Philips TDA1543 16 bit non-oversampling DAC
  • Size: W200xH40xD100mm
  • Weight: 0.7kg

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