Stax SR-009BK Limited Edition Open Back Headphones


$ 3,599.95

The SR-009 is a memorable model that appeared in 2011 and became the foundation of the present STAX flagship Earspeaker development. At that time this extraordinary Earspeaker attained a big success as the model that materialized the idea that has been embraced by STAX developers in pursuit of further improvement of sound quality. The memorable model that has achieved the highest peak sound of the STAX present new flagship SR-009S will soon be followed by the SR-009BK as the 80th anniversary limited model in special black color version. The SR-009BK in black finish is the limited production of 180 units in the whole world.

Type: push-pull electrostatic, back open-air type enclosure

  • Element shape: large circular sound element
  • Fixed electrode: MLER (Multi Layer Electrode)
  • Frequency response: 5 – 42,000Hz
  • Electrostatic capacitance: 110pF
  • Impedance: 145kΩ
  • Sound pressure sensitivity: 101dB
  • Bias voltage: 580V DC
  • Cable conductor: 6N (99.9999%) OFC(φ0.14×3)+ silver-coated annealed copper wires (φ0.08×9)
  • Cable configuration: parallel 6-strand, low-capacity special wide cable
  • Cable length: 2.5m full length
  • Ear pad: genuine sheep leather (skin touching portion), high-quality artificial leather (surrounding portion)
  • Ear pad replacement: handled as repair service
  • Weight: 454g (without cable), 596g (including cable)

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