STAX SR-L300Limited 80th Anniversary Open Back Headphones


$ 699.95

The first SR-Lambda series was introduced 36 years ago and it has further developed into a new-generation SR-Lambda with its newly designed enclosure - the new Stax SR-L300 advanced-Lambda series Earspeaker. Celebrating Stax Japan's 80th Anniversary, the company has released the limited edition L300Limited with special gold plated Stax logo.  The unit also features high capacity OFC cables as well as better materials for its earpads and construction


Type: Push-pull electrostatic, oval sound element, rear open-air type enclosure
Reproduction frequency band: 7 to 41,000 Hz
Capacitance: 110pF (annex including the cable)
Impedance: 145kΩ (including the annex at 10kHz) 
Sound pressure sensitivity: 101dB / input / 1KHz
Bias voltage: DC580V

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