47 Laboratory Model 4741S IZUMI CD Player

47 Laboratory

$ 4,999.95

Three signal lines of the I²S standard are directly received by the DAC chip without taking the digital out of the S / PDIF standard which is often pointed out, and the analog out is taken out. Since the three lines of the I²S standard can not extend much, inevitably In the meantime, the DAC circuit will be built into the main body. However, the power supply part was set as external from experience of sound quality emphasis.
  • model 4741S NOS (non over sampling) Built-in Stereo DAC built-in picture, left 2 chassis 
  • model 4741G NOS (non over sampling) L, R independent DAC built-in Left, Right independent external power supply (photo, right 2 housings)

However, both models have S / PDIF standard output terminals (limited production scheduled for 20 units)

  • Shipped configured by 47 Labs to destination voltage requirement (no step-down transformer necessary)

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