FAQs & Information

Thank you for stopping by. You may have questions, but we do certainly have the answers. We have compiled a list of most frequently asked questions as well as answers. Hopefully you will find them useful. If you can't find an issued answered here, please contact us.

Does AudioCubes have a physical store or showroom?
Yes we do through AC Gears! Visit AC Gears at 69 E. 8th Street, New York City to get the latest curated tech and lifestyle you cannot get anywhere else!

Are all the products on AudioCubes.com available in your NYC store, too?
Unfortunately, no. Only a portion of our Japanese goodies are available in our store AC Gears. Please check AC Gears' Website for the complete online catalogue availabe in-store. Please note that AC Gears also carries some Japanese, American and European products, not available on AudioCubes! (Yes, it could be a little bit confusing, but that's really the fun part.)

How long does it take for my order to arrive?
Once you place your order it will take about 5-7 days for the item to arrive and be dispatched.  We ship via DHL and it will take another 3-5 days to arrive to you

Duty and Import Tax for Orders?
Please be advised that orders going to the Great Britain, European Union, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere may sometimes be charged of import tax. In the case that import tax is levied by your country's custom, Audio Cubes will not able to reimburse you as tax is to be paid by the recipient. The amount of tax (if charged at all) may vary based on the custom's sole discretion.

Can I ship my order to an address other than my billing address?
We really rather you not. We understand that you want us to sometimes ship the items directly to your family or friends but since it's not a secret that Internet fraud is on the rise, we may be able to do this, but we may ask you to send us verification information in order to process your order. So your order may be delayed. We want everybody to be happy, so we really suggest you to have the order sent to your billing address instead.

Are products carried by Audio Cubes Japanese models (100V)? Will I be able to operate them?
Yes, our units are Japanese with Japanese packagings and manuals, and unless stated otherwise their voltage is 100V. However, all orders include a heavy duty matching transformer and we ensure that the set up have no problem for you to use in North America or Europe. If you have questions, you can also contact us and we will always assist.

Does step-down transformer for my unit affect sound quality?
Good question.  The quick answer is, no.  The long answer is, we ship all of the Japanese voltage units with a matching wattage, heavy duty, made-in-Japan transformer.  Because the transformer actually regulates electricity that goes into your unit, it adds an additional layer of protection to your unit, similar to that of a heavy duty surge protector.  Our customers who have purchased Japanese voltage with matching transformer have not reported issues throughout the years. 

I have heard the unit's voltage can be changed internally, can you do this?
Yes it is possible to change the voltage from Japanese 100V to American 120V or 220-240V, however, we are not allowed to do this.  Tempering with the unit's internal structure will also void the warranty.  You may proceed at your own risk and discretion. 

How do I cancel an order?
Canceling an order is very simple at AudioCubes. Just contact us with your request (and a reason please, we would like to know why) and we will cancel and refund your order. All orders can be canceled and refunded if the order has not been shipped. Order that has been special ordered (large orders over $2000) or shipped cannot be canceled. Please contact us ASAP if you would like to cancel your order.