FAQs & Information

Welcome to AudioCubes.com.  Since 2001, AudioCubes has made Japanese high fidelity audio equipment and electronics available to the world.  We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions with answers and please read them carefully before contacting us or placing your order.  


Are products carried by AudioCubes US/European models? 
All items are original Japanese domestic models running at 100V (if the product requires the use of electricity) and will come with a matching step-down transformer.   We do not sell US or European model products.  Some products may be customized by the manufacturer to destination voltage upon request.  All items are brand new in original sealed box with Japanese literature.  

Are your products brand new?  Do you accept trade-in’s?  Do you offer a loaner program?
All items sold on AudioCubes are brand new.  Although we do not accept trade-in’s and do not have a loaner program, you can have the peace of mind that the products are genuine Japanese domestic models and all products are sourced from either the manufacturer or an authorized distributor.  

Does AudioCubes have a physical store or showroom?
We do not have a physical store or showroom. All orders are shipped out from our warehouse in Osaka Japan.

Are your products in stock ready to ship?
All orders unless specified otherwise are special ordered.  Please allow Japan in-land transportation lead time before your order is dispatched.

How long does it take for my order to ship, and to arrive?
Please allow 5-7 business days as lead time for shipment.  Once shipped, it will take about another 7 days for EMS or DHL to deliver  (pending customs clearance).

Are there import duties/tariffs on my orders ?
All orders may be charged of import tax.   In the case that import tax is levied by your country's custom, such charge is not reimbursed. The amount of tax may vary based on the custom's sole discretion. 

Does a step-down transformer affect sound quality of my equipment?
We have not received any report citing sound quality being affected using transformers.  

What is your opinion on the sound quality of the products you carry?
Because sound is subjective and there are many brands of audio equipment on the market, we do not provide opinions, product comparison, or setup suggestions on the audio equipment we carry.  For technical questions regarding the product you are interested to purchase, please contact the manufacturer or the manufacturer's website.  Thank you for your understanding.

Do you ship to my country?  What is the shipping cost?
AudioCubes ships worldwide via EMS or DHL.  To see the shipping cost, please add the product onto your shopping cart and select your country.  

How do I cancel an order?  What is your Return Policy?
Once an order is placed, it cannot be canceled.  We do not accept returns. 

What is the warranty of the product I purchased?
All products carry a 1 year Japanese domestic warranty.  If warranty servicing is needed because of a manufacturer's defect, customer is responsible of sending the unit back to us and we will send the unit back to the customer after it is serviced by the manufacturer.

Can you provide more specification information of an item I'm interested?
All information pertaining to our products are listed in our website.  Additional information on a product may be able to be provided to a returning customer who purchased the product before.  Due to increase in inquiries, we no longer provide service or product information to those who have not yet purchased from our website.  

Can you provide me on the pricing of a product I am interested?
We will gladly provide the price of a product not listed on our website to a buyer who is ready to make the purchase once the price and availability has been provided.  

Do you have coupons I can use?  Can you do better on the pricing?
We do not have coupons nor negotiate on prices.  Thank you for your understanding.