47 Laboratory Model 4712 Phono Cube

47 Laboratory

$ 1,399.95

LP playback is fascinating in its rich presence and freshness of the sound. It quietly demonstrates superiority of its logical simplicity. However, we are not satisfied with the sound of today's LP playback systems; most of them sound too neat and clean, even tasteless, like distilled water. 

With Phonocube, 47 Laboratory's intention is to enhance the richness of LP sound, and differentiate it even more from the sound of a CD. 

The sound that Phonocube presents was the target when we were developing Flatfish and Progression.
Phono Cube has to be used with Model 4700 Humpty Power Supply 25W version (separate unit). By adding another Humpty Power Supply, Phono Cube becomes complete mono block operation. 
  • Unique equalizing circuitry that amplifies all the voltage the cartridge generates without loss.
  • Complete dual mono structure with each channel in a separate chassis.
  • Rigid and compact aluminum chassis to ensure a quick and smooth release of vibrations.
  • World's smallest number of parts --------- 25 parts per channel
  • World's shortest signal pass length -------------- 44 m/m
  • Powerful voltage regulation with high capacity transformer - 170 VA cut-core transformer +- Individual coils
  • To be upgraded into complete mono structure by adding another Model 4700.
  • Input impedance : 0
  • Output impedance : 47
  • Gain : 2 types to match the internal impedance of different cartridges 
     type A ( standard ) / type B ( high gain )

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