Warranty & Return

Warranty for your Purchase
All of our products carry a 1 year warranty through us. To have your electronics serviced free using manufacturer's warranty you will need to send the product, along with its warranty card, back to us. Shipping TO AudioCubes will be covered by customer and we will cover the shipping charge back to you. Please email us before you send your unit for repair/exchange. Please note that warranty only applies to electronic products that may malfunction. Toys and other non-electronic products are not applicable. Warranty will not be honored without fees for user-induced defects. Please note that warranty servicing will be done by the manufacturer and it is up to the manufacturer's sole discretion if any fees are applied.

Headphone & Earphone Defects
Please note that warranty for headphones and earphones will be honored only towards manufacturer related defects. IE. defective drivers. Please note that a disconnect, breakage, and/or short of the cord is not considered a manufacturer defect. Please take care of the headphone cord by not bending or pulling it.

Return policy
Things sold at AudioCubes.com are not easy to come by and unfortunately our suppliers will not repackage any used items. As a result, a conditional 30 day return policy is used on certain categories of our products.

All products valued below $250, can be returned to us for a refund less the shipping charges, and a 15% restocking fee, if the items are Brand New (this means you've never opened or used the item, and everything that came with the item are also in Brand New condition).

All sales are final on all other products.