47 Laboratory Model 4705 Gemini D/A Converter

47 Laboratory

$ 2,499.95

47 Laboratory 4705 Gemini requires Model 4799 Power Dumpty (separate unit) as power supply. It can be powered by one Dumpty, but with 2 Dumpty,one for each channel, to perform its full potential.  Savoring digital filter-less, analog filter-less freshness with the world's lowest component count of 20 and the world's shortest signal path of only 35 mm.


    • Output voltage: V 2.1
    • Digital input: coaxial 1 input (RCA)
    • Input sampling frequency: 32 KHz, 44.1 KHz and 48 KHz automatic switching
    • Dimensions: W60 x H70 x D162mm

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