Ikeda Amane Cartridge


$ 4,999.95

The IKEDA Amane is a cartridge that has an amazing playback ability that is well-balanced from the high range to the low range of musical instruments.
The fixed part of the power generation mechanism adopts a special damping alloy that has the highest absorption of vibration and sound, and realizes sound quality with clearer contours of sound.

The exterior material is precision machined solid aluminum, and is buffed by hand to give it a metallic alumite finish.

The stylus tip is a microridge type solid diamond, and the magnet is a neodymium magnet.

The cantilever is made of boron, which is advantageous for vibration transmission.

Gold-plated connector and contacts, 6N lead adopted for internal wiring.
It was developed with the aim of reproducing lively and abundant sounds, and how to enjoy listening to record music.

IKEDA Amane has been finely tuned and fully assembled to bring out the charm of the music itself.

  • Output voltage: 0.3 mV
  • Appropriate stylus pressure: 1.8 to 2.2 g
  • Impedance: 2.5 Ω (1 kHz)
  • Mass: 35 g

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