Luxman L-509Z Integrated Amplifier


$ 7,999.95


Taking our Z-Series integrated amplifiers to a performance peak.

Introducing our next-level “single-chassis separates” concept,pursuing the ideal with a new, all-in-one flagship amplifier.Taking our Z-Series integrated amplifiers to a performance peak. As the premium model for the new Z-Series generation, the L-509Z has evolved beyond the concept of a traditional integrated amplifier. Both the preamplifier and power amplifier sections simultaneously use our new generation amplification feedback engine “LIFES” for the first time. The volume control is supported by our new “LECUA-EX” attenuator system that suppresses sound quality deterioration and realizes a more precise feel of operation. The “single-chassis separates” concept, which aims for the ultimate in integrated amplifiers, now achieves unprecedented performance. Pursuing the ideals of audio enthusiasm, we are combining our passion for music with improved technology. The L-509Z, a new pinacle of LUXMAN integrated amplifier design.

Rated output 120W + 120W (8Ω)
                       220W + 220W (4Ω)

Input sensitivity/
input impedance PHONO (MM): 2.5mV/47kΩ
                            PHONO (MC-H): 0.3mV/100Ω
                            PHONO (MC-L): 0.1mV/40Ω
                            LINE: 180mV/47kΩ
                            BAL.LINE: 180mV/79kΩ
                            MAIN IN: 1.1V/47kΩ

Output voltage PRE OUT: 1V

Frequency response PHONO: 20Hz to 20kHz (±0.5dB)
                                 LINE: 20Hz to 100kHz (within -3dB)

Total harmonic distortion 0.007% or less (8Ω, 1kHz)
                                          0.03% or less (8Ω, 20Hz to 20kHz)

S/N ratio (IHF-A) PHONO (MM): 87dB or more
                            PHONO (MC-H): 70dB or more
                            PHONO (MC-L): 62dB or more
                            LINE: 106dB or more

Volume adjustment LECUA-EX

Amplification feedback circuit LIFES 1.0

Output configuration Bipolar 4-parallel push-pull

Damping factor    330
Max. amount of tone control    BASS: ±8dB at 100Hz
                                                  TREBLE: ±8dB at 760Hz
                                                  TREBLE: ±8dB at 10kHz
Power supply    100V (50Hz/60Hz): comes with an appropriate step-down transformer to adjust to local voltage of 230V~(50Hz) or 115V~(60Hz)
Power consumption    390W
                                    150W (under no signal), 0.5W (at standby)
External dimensions    440(W) x 193(H) x 463(D) mm
                                    front side knob of 20mm and rear side terminal
                                    of 37mm included in depth
Net weight    29.4kg (main unit)
Accessories    Remote control (RA-17A)
                        Power cable
Speaker terminal                 Width of part a: 16mm or less
Supported Y-lug terminal   Width of part b: 7mm or more

* Connection may not be performed depending on the shape of the Y-lug terminal.

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