Sony MDR-CD900ST Studio Monitor Stereo Headphones


$ 130.95

The legendary Sony MDR-CD900ST is a pair high fidelity studio monitor headphones made by Sony Music Entertainment Japan (not by Sony Electronics). A small batch Japan-made headphones designed and made for Japanese recording studios. The sound signature for these headphones is of superb detail and wide soundstage. Unlike most of the Sony products that are now made outside of Japan, the CD900ST is still made inside Japan for Japanese professionals.

Just like some of the rarest and finest small batch Japanese whiskeys, the Sony MDR-CD900ST is equally rare and beautifully sounding. Specially imported into the US through our liaison office in Osaka Japan, this pair is a special breed not to be missed by anyone in the know for specially tuned headphones for the Japanese music industry.
Type: Closed Dynamic

    • Frequency response: 5-30,000 Hz
    • Impedance: 63 Max
    • Input Power: 1,000mW
    • Plug: Stereo Standard plug
    • Cord length: 2.5m (Single)
    • Net weight (without cord): 200g

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