Sony MDR-M1ST Studio Monitor Stereo Headphones


$ 249.95

Hi-Res Audio monitor headphones jointly developed by Sony,
boasting some of the world’s most advanced technology,
and Sony Music Studios, an expert in the art of music production.
Unleashes artists’ imagination and supports ideal music production.

Imaging that faithfully reproduces the performance environment

Both substantial mids and panoramic imaging are clear
in the audio quality of these headphones, which was
refined over nearly four and a half years.
The achievement here was to retain a focus on the
essential midrange while accurately catching lows and
highs as well.
Provides a broad view across the entire performance
space, revealing instrument placement and reverberant

Resolution that revealsvthe overall balance

Driver units developed in-house directly and accurately
reproduce a high-resolution range beyond the limits of
human hearing.
Greatly surpassing the resolution needed in monitoring,
they offer faithful audio quality from overall imaging to

Ready for high-resolution content

The headphones support Hi-Res Audio content, which is
now more popular as audio formats have evolved.
Arranging a fully high-resolution environment from
recording to monitoring enables recording and mastering
truer to the artist’s vision.

  • Type    Closed dynamic headphones (over ear)
  • Driver units    40 mm, dome type (CCAW voice coil)
  • Sensitivity    103dB/mW
  • Magnets    neodymium
  • Frequency response    5 to 80,000 Hz (JEITA)
  • Impedance    24 Ω (at 1 kHz)
  • Maximum input    1,500 mW (IEC*1)
  • Headphone cable approx. 2.5 m, with standard stereo plug
  • Weight    approx. 215 g (excluding cable)
    *1 Measured according to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)

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