TAOC TITE 35S4 Insulator


$ 349.95

Both Advanced High Carbon Cast Iron plates and high carbon Cast Iron Spikes can be placed on top.
Setting spike on the top , you obtain clam and deep tone on your set.
In opposite side with Advanced High Carbon provides very clear, balanced harmonic overtones.
The diameter of 50mm wide size makes any heavy Speakers, amplifiers and players applicable.
Including Insulator grip sheets, which features incredible grip, enhance stability while setting.

● H29 mm×50mm diameter
● Weight: 355 g per pair
● Spike: High-carbon cast-iron
● Spike plate: Advanced High-carbon cast-iron
● Finish : Urban gray

Insulator grip sheet included

45mm diameter for a set of six
Material: Urethane resin
• This grip sheet delivers excellent gripping and helps to achieve stability and positioning.

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