Esoteric N-5 Network Audio Player


$ 6,499.95

Network Audio As It Is Meant to Be Heard: DSD Master Sound Quality, TIDAL Lossless, NAS Convenience
Access any music you like and play it back in astounding fidelity without moving from the comfort of your listening seat, N-05 makes this luxurious dream a reality. Enjoy the vivid musical experience of DSD master-sound sources. Convert giant CD collections to a digital library for quick and easy access. Actively seek out new encounters in music with TIDAL. Use your home network environment to make your relationship better. Besides your home audio components, all you need are a standard domestic LAN connection (with wireless router) and iPad. A large-capacity NAS device can hold your entire music library. With these few items, a comfortable life of high-quality musical enjoyment without compromise can be yours.

Tremendous Compatibility: Supports Up to 2x DSD and 24-Bit/192kHz PCM
A thorough infusion of high-end specifications ensures the N-05 delivers superb sound. Compatible with 2.8/5.6MHz DSD, 24-bit/192kHz PCM, and a host of other formats (DSF, DSDIFF, FLAC, Apple Lossless, WAV, AIFF, MP3, and AAC), N-05 also offers gapless playback capability in all lossless formats, permitting full enjoyment of live or opera recordings with no interruptions between musical tracks.

Esoteric Sound Stream App Enhances Sound Quality and Playback Ease
Esoteric Sound Stream is an Apple iOS application for the iPad. It is designed with an emphasis on both sound quality and network-playback operating ease. Basic operation simply entails selecting musical tracks using the iPad, creating customized personal playlists, and playing the selections or playlists. All screens for key operation, playlists, library, etc. are arranged for easy viewing, enabling anyone to operate it with intuitive ease. The app's excellent search and retrieval performance takes full advantage of tag information. Since images are also cached in the app, album artwork can be instantly scrolled through and libraries freely sorted into such classifications as artist, year of recording, composer, or category. This use of tag information even allows musical numbers of the same name that differ in format to be easily identified on the screen.

Award-Winning Dual Mono D/A Converters and a Reference Power Supply
A feature of its Super Audio CD players, Esoteric's D/A converters and analog circuitry have won accolades for total sound quality. Employing Asahi Kasei Microdevices' AK4490 chip set, the converter is configured in four parallel and differential circuits (eight outputs) driving each channel to achieve superb sound quality with remarkable linearity and low distortion. Its discreet dual mono configuration also provides excellent channel separation. Technology developed for Esoteric's Grandioso C1 is employed in the DAC's power supply, which features EDLC super capacitors. This regulated power supply boasts a total capacity of 500,000μF per channel for exceptional low-frequency sound reproduction.

Resolution 1,024 Times More Detailed Than 24-Bit Encoding, Ability to Serve as a Secondary Server
N-05 uses a 34-bit D/A processing algorithm to convert the high-resolution 34-bit PCM signal to analog. This 34-bit encoding resolution is an astounding 1,024 times more detailed than that of 24-bit encoding. In the digital range, the processor's high-bit data gradation minimizes calculation errors and provides faithful analog conversion for outstanding, highly sensitive powers of expression. N-05 can also be used as a simplified music server integrating both player and library by connecting a large-capacity storage device to the USB port on its rear panel. With the ability to be used as a secondary music server, even users new to the NAS directory structure can easily get started.

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