Esoteric N-03T Network Streaming Transport


$ 7,999.95

The Esoteric N-03T network transport  is Esoteric's first network streaming bridge which can be used with any Esoteric DAC or SACD/CD player or you can of course use any high quality DAC.

Capable of the following sampling frequencies LPCM 44.1 - 384khz and DSD 2.8, 5.6, 11.2mhz.

As with all Esoteric products you can expect ultimate performance.

To the future of music reproduction.
Separate component philosophy pursuing the highest quality. This philosophy that Esoteric has cultivated since its establishment has created a new trend in network audio. It is a network transport specialized for digital output, Estoteric N - 03T. Digital connection with USB to the favorite separate type D / A converter and super audio CD player. To build a highly flexible system that allows you to enjoy files and streaming with your favourite DAC . Evolved high-performance processor equipped network module, elegance that refines sophistication by established replay applications. A new generation digital transport , which responds to the pursuit of quality inquiries for music reproduction with further possibility , born here.

Network audio
While sitting on the listening seat, freely accessing music, playing with excellent high-quality sound. It is  the Esoteric N-03T to make such a luxurious dream come true. A brilliant music experience of the DSD master sound source. Combine CD collections into libraries for comfortable access. Actively encounter new music with streaming service. By using the home network environment, the relationship with music becomes more intimate. Esoteric N-03T is a network audio transport dedicated for digital output that connects to a D / A converter and Super Audio CD player with digital input by USB. Other than audio equipment, home LAN (Wi-Fi router, etc.) and tablet / smartphone. And NAS (music server) to store the music library. Just by preparing these, you can easily start comfortable music life with uncompromising quality.

Support various audio sources
Esoteric introduced thorough high-end attention to the sound quality at the time of network playback. Compatible with many formats (DSF, DSDIFF, FLAC, Apple Lossless, WAV, AIFF, MP3, AAC), and supports up to DSD 11.2 MHz and PCM 384 kHz / 32 bit playback at USB output. In addition, it corresponds to gapless playback in all lossless formats, and the sound source of live and opera can also be reproduced without interruption between songs.

Esoteric Sound Stream 
Also sticking to thoroughly the operability. Esoteric Sound Stream is an iPad / iPhone application for network playback control. Basic operation is to select a song by tablet / smartphone, create a playlist according to your preference, and play it. Operation buttons, playlists, libraries, etc. are arranged to be easy to see, even those who are new to you can do it intuitively without stress. In pursuit of perfection that can also answer advanced users' advanced requests. The key to that is high searchability that makes full use of tag information. Since the image is cached in the application, you can scroll through the album artwork instantaneously, and you can freely rearrange the library, such as by recording age, by composer, by category. If you use tag information for the same name songs with different formats, you can easily identify them on the screen.

High sampling compatible digital output
Equipped with one USB terminal capable of digital output of DSD 11.2 MHz and PCM 384 kHz / 32 bits at maximum. It can be connected to a USB DAC or a disk player equipped with a USB terminal. Besides USB, it has 2 digital outputs (XLR × 1, RCA × 1), and it supports PCM and DSD 2.8 MHz (DoP) output up to 192 kHz / 24 bit.

Music server function
Equipped with a dedicated "USB DRIVE" terminal for connecting large capacity USB storage to the back, a total of 2 front and back × 1, you can use it as a simple music server. Those who are new to NAS construction can also start easily, and they can also be used as second and third music servers.

Compatible with various streaming related services
Signed partnership with various streaming related service providers. 

Two powerful independent power loads
Built-in network module and two other independent high-capacity toroidal transformers for other digital circuits are mounted, boasting ideal power supply capability to each circuit block. Unlike general switching power supply, it is a luxurious part such as large capacity filter capacitor, Schottky barrier diode, 1F (1,000,000 μF) large capacity super capacitor EDLC (Electric Double-layer Capacitor) equipped in the power supply dedicated to the network module The constructed large capacity linear power supply has remarkable effects on improving sound quality. 

High rigid chassis construction
The bottom chassis that fixes each circuit component adopts a dual layer structure using two steel plates (5 mm / 2 mm). The power transformer and other components are three-dimensionally arranged in different layers, mutual interference of each component is prevented, and each layer is damped effectively by applying a precise slit processing with a laser. In addition, Esoteric are thoroughly vibrating mechanical grounds by heavy-weight thick aluminum panel enclosure, Esoteric's unique pinpoint foot (Japanese Patent No. 4075477, No. 3778108).

Versatility corresponding to various system plans
A separate component idea that sharpens audio by function and pursues the highest quality is a philosophy that Esoteric has cultivated since its founding. As a network transport specialized for digital output, it is possible to construct a highly flexible system with a combination with various separate D / A converters and Super Audio CD players such as the Esoteric D series, the K series, etc.

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